Hi there! Sorry about the lack of updates, but I'm going to try to get at least one page up every other day from now on. No good leaving this thing unfinished.

The main bulk of the wiki is actually being converted from raw HTML that was written for a PERL script called ROWS, which was hosted on Tripod wayyy back in 2004. ROWS stood for Read-Only Wiki System, and I was very proud of it, having coded the thing from scratch.

However, in the long years since the Tripod site 'went dark', the official Elf Life site has undergone several dramatic revisions in the way its archives are constructed, breaking links to comics and so on. Thus not only do I have to rebuild the wiki, I need to relocate and link to all the comics - especially those at the beginning of each book!

As such, this wiki is proving mentally exhausting. Having line breaks shattered and generally messed up also doesn't help either.

So I'm gonna take it slow.