Elf Life began in June 1999, and continued to be published until indefinite hiatus in 2004. Unlike most existing webcomics, or comics in general, the Elf Life storyline is an ongoing narrative rather than a convenient framework for jokes.

Book 1: Lake Froth's BaneEdit

In which we are introduced to Baughb , Filis and Airek , learn how Baughb got there in the first place, and receive a declaration of war from the Cesspool Elves .

Book 2: CrisisEdit

A kidnap attempt gone very wrong leads to misadventure in the halls of the goblins and beyond a faerie gate.

Book 3: Evil DestinyEdit

Baughb learns that you cannot escape your past - especially when your past is attempting to actively kill you.

Book 4: Return of GlynhialEdit

Glynhial the faerie is released from her prison, and immediately charges towards what has been described as one of the longest fight scenes in comic history.

Book 5: Frolicking by FiresideEdit

If you call it frolicking. A funny and romantic interlude between the epic combat and the upcoming dismal revelations.

Book 6: SpriteSpaceEdit

Glynhial finds herself discovering the unshaven truth about what happened when Baughb made his famous leap into the faerie gate at the height of the Great Convergence. Baughb also makes an unpleasant discovery of what the future holds.

Book 7: Naked LiesEdit

Glynhial abducts Airek and flies off to find the remnants of Alfheim, while Baughb prepares to commit one of the most despicable, underhanded acts of his life.

Book 8: Scenes From a WeddingEdit

Glynhial and Airek return with Grafingle the dragon in tow, and discover that Baughb is about to get married. However things do not go to anybody's plans and mayhem ensues - not least in the cartoonist's life.

Book 9: Here and NowEdit

A collection of abortive attempts at restarting Elf Life from various viewpoints, most importantly with a second wedding.