In which we are introduced to Baughb , Filis and Airek , learn how Baughb got there in the first place, and receive a declaration of war from the Cesspool Elves .

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One thousand years before, during the cataclysm called the Great Convergence , Baughb entered the Faerie Gates : a disruption in spacetime caused by the "collision" or "merging" of two worlds, Alfheim (the elven universe) and Terra (ours). In doing so he uttered the immortal quote, "Here, hold this. I'll be right back."

He was only off by a millennium or so.

However, having spent almost half his life trying to find a way back, he finally decided to cease his journey and reclaim his life. A worthy goal, but one that can be tricky when you're a living legend with a portrait that's two stories high hanging in a shrine devoted to you.

Filis and Airek, friends since childhood, were witnesses to Baughb's spectacular return via a faerie gate that opened in the ruins of Glynhial every seven years [26] . Great-Grandfather , the 970-year old patriarch of the community, had recently passed the task of keeping vigil down to Airek [22] ; Filis, being the firebrand she is, kept vigil on Airek.

At the start of play [0] , Baughb has been part of the Hollowwood community for several years, or at least he is now the celebrations have died down. By now, Airek and Filis have learned that while Baughb may be a living legend, this doesn't mean he behaves like one. Or maybe all living legends are as aggravating as Baughb can (apparently) be at times...

But Filis' discontent with the reality of Baughb is nothing compared to the active hatred a thousand years of legends have brewed up in the Lake Froth community, also known as the Cesspool Elves . Disguised as a French painter (complete with fake moustache and corny accent) Phoeble , one gentleman of that parish is painting Baughb's portrait. If you can call it a portrait [4] .

One thing leads to another, and soon the spy from Lake Froth, who is actually a very good artist when the subject is not Baughb, issues a declaration of war[6] , something to do with Baughb's existence being undesirable. Mind you, Filis losing patience with a long list of grievances against Baughb and blacking his eye may have had an influence as well [37] . Filis is like that sometimes.