After the action-packed fourth book, we have a little romantic interlude. Although that depends on your definition of "romantic".

Baughb, having been alerted by Filis to Glynhial's release and what happened thereafter, spends the night at Filis' place.

Filis, however, doesn't intend Baughb to dwell on old times. She's set her cap for him, and girls from his past be damned. However, her seduction attempt doesn't quite go as planned...

Outside, a crowd is gathering to make sure the dangerous faerie is either dead or bottled, led by Airek and Great-Grandfather. A peep through the door causes the old scoundrel to send everyone on a wild-faerie chase.

It isn't until next morning when Airek finally learns from Filis what transpired that night. Breakfast, actually, is a traumatic event for him since they're joined by Glynhial. And Glynhial remembers Airek quite well.

When Airek lets slip that Great-Grandfather peered into Filis' house, Filis panics, and over the next half hour explains to Airek just what happened that night.

The elves apparently use the term "frolicking" for the sort of activity Filis was interested in. Baughb's moral scruples got in the way though - apparently elven society frowns upon frolicking outside marriage - which incensed Filis no end.

The ensuing racket almost woke Glynhial, who in her sonambulations assumed that the EmpressOfGlynhial's children were playing up again. The resultant fake fireball finally flushed Filis' feelings for Baughb into the open.

Yes, I do have an appalling alliteration attraction. What gave it away?

The nearest those two actually got to being physical was a back rub. I'd say Filis deserved it.

Meanwhile, revelations of a different sort bring the story back to earth with a resounding thump...