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Welcome to the Elf Life Guide WikiEdit

The Elf Life Guide acts as "Cliff Notes" for Carson Fire's beleaguered web comic, Elf Life .

The primary focus is on synopses of the plotlines of the various books of the comic, along with discussion of the cast , places etc. within it.

About Elf LifeEdit

Elf Life follows the travails of Baughb the Elf , a reluctant hero for the remaining population of what remains of Alfheim . I say 'remaining' since a thousand years before the events of Elf Life, the metaphysical orbits of Alfheim and Earth intersected, causing a catastrophic event where massive spacetime disruptions called faerie gate s almost completely destroyed the elven civilisation, leaving only isolated pockets remaining.

During this, Baughb was seen entering a faerie gate after uttering the famous words, "Here, hold this. I'll be right back."

The comic follows the adventures that beset Baughb and his friends Filis , Airek , and later Glynhial the faerie , among others.

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