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This book involved a number of crises in real life as well, with Carson forced to post text-only pages a number of times due to computer and maybe other problems. Scant hours passed during Lake Froth's Bane .

So, later that day... With the Cesspool Elves threatening war, Baughb starts considering means of defence [40] . However, Airek finds neither Baughb's wild ideas for weapons nor his garbled explanation of an arms race very useful. Neither does Filis , who leaves in disgust at Baughb's idiocy. However, the small matter of an attempted abduction soon takes up her attention [45] .

The would-be abductor, one Ar-Roogah the Barbarian, is working on instructions from the Cesspool Elves to acquire a hostage [45] . His contacts turn out to be the gentleman from book one, called Phoeble , and his father Phatuous . His choice of hostage turns out to be Filis. It also turns out to be a bad choice.

Baughb and Airek go in pursuit, starting enquiries at the nearby Staigh Inn [59] . However, the abduction wasn't successful for some reason, and Filis, now wearing some armour taken from a nearby mausoleum [63] , goes in pursuit of Baughb and Airek. She wears it quite well, I may add.

At the inn, things take a turn for the worse, when two Goblins take Baughb off to the Underrealm to stand trial for various "offenses" [83] . One might question the nature of these when you consider that slavery is a major part of the goblin economy. Airek and Filis, accompanied at first by Ar-Roogah, end up heading off to rescue Baughb. Entering the Underrealm [91] , all three end up escaping through a faerie gate [98) , bounce from one realm - all right, cartoon strip - to the next, and finally emerge back at Hollowood some months later [106] .

Filis finds out just why Baughb was having his portrait done [121] , along with all the others in the Shrine of the Hero, and more about Baughb's attitudes about heroism and himself. This seems to involve a certain amount of re-evaluation on Filis' part, but that gets delayed thanks to Baughb managing to get on her wick again.