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The Elf Life story is a long one, spanning many years and broken into a set of 'books'.

Book 1: Lake Froth's BaneEdit

Where we meet the core cast for the first time, learn about Baughb's unique status, and obtain some foreshadowing.

Book 2: CrisisEdit

Filis is kidnapped. Baughb and Airek go to rescue Filis. Baughb gets kidnapped. Airek and Filis go to rescue him. Hijinks ensue.

Book 3: Evil DestinyEdit

The past returns to haunt Baughb from the future he left. Follow that. Includes exploding robot troll baby.

Book 4: Return of GlynhialEdit

The ancient faerie Glynhial is released from her prison again, and she's out for blood. However, the child she was about to kill the first time is about to subject her to one of the most epic fight scenes in comic book history.

Book 5: Frolicking by FiresideEdit

Carson gives us a momentary aside of silliness and seriousness as secrets are shared and faeries are chased.

Book 6: SpritespaceEdit

Baughb and Glynhial are taken back in time by the Sprite to the Great Convergence and forward to the End of Alfheim, where something terrible lurks.

Book 7: Naked LiesEdit

Baughb and Filis hit a rough patch in their relationship. Airek is taken by Glynhial as she seeks other signs of Alfheim's survival.

Book 8: Scenes From a WeddingEdit

Baughb's getting married... yeah right. A cluster of dangling story arcs scuppered by real life problems.

Book 9: The Here and NowEdit

Moving to after the wedding, the real wedding is about to commence.

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